Saturday, October 5, 2013

Who Controls Lebanon? Hezbollah or the Lebanese Government?

Sam Bazzi, counterterrorism activist
Sam Bazzi
By Sam Bazzi

Lebanon is one of the very few countries that includes a state-within-the-state. On the surface, Lebanon has a formal government recognized by the United Nations and other international organizations. In reality, Lebanon is like an ill person who has been possessed by the Jinn (using Islamic parlance): The Lebanese entity has been taken over by something alien and evil and that is Hezbollah.

Hezbollah is the international terrorist organization headquartered in Dahiyeh, Lebanon, but tightly controlled by the Iranian regime in Tehran.

The following factors show that Hezbollah is clearly in control in Lebanon:
  • Hezbollah has the final say in the formation of any Lebanese cabinet
  • Hezbollah controls Lebanon's airport
  • Hezbollah maintains control of its own dock at the Beirut seaport
  • Hezbollah controls border areas between Lebanon and Israel and Lebanon and Syria
  • Hezbollah controls the intelligence branch of the Lebanse Army (thanks to the Assad family's interference in Lebanon)
  • Hezbollah has used might and murder to subdue its opposition
  • Hezbollah invaded Syria without the consent of the Lebanese Parliament, Government or people
  • Hezbollah monopolizes the decision on war and peace with Israel
  • Hezbollah maintains a standing army better armed than the Lebanese Army
  • Hezbollah forcefully ignores the domestic and international demands to hand in suspects in the killing of Rafic Hariri to Special Tribunal for Lebanon
  • Hezbollah controls the foreign policy of Lebanon (currently through Foreign Affairs Minister Adnan Mansour)
In conclusion, the Lebanese state is a shell state within which Hezbollah thrives and hides its own state. Hezbollah is the true power on the ground in Lebanon. Unfortunately, it is hard for the world to treat Lebanon accordingly because the opponents of Hezbollah stand to lose more control once Lebanon is formally declared a failed, pariah and dangerous state.